Tuesday, 24 September 2019

Poker bets: 3-bet

What is a 3-beta raise (three times)?  This move refers to re-raising to the flop with hands that are probably worse than the one who made the first bet.
When to do this: you should try to identify those players who don't like to engage in battles but too often bet on playing preflop to attack them.
Where is this usually done?  There are two situations in which the bet is usually raised three times: in the position or from the blinds. It is important to understand both scenarios.
Why is this done?  Players who are called "loose" but who usually bet before the flop can give you a lot of chips or money as you force them to throw their cards many times.
If you use an excess bet as a sign of weakness, your opponent may interpret that you are making this move only because your cards are not very good, and that if they were winners, you would place a small bet so she could see the bet.
How to 3-bet?
To explain this move in a simple way, we have to think that tripling the rate is like a semi-lantern. It would be to re-raise with a hand that, while not the best at the time, has the chance to improve and become the best game on the table.
One aspect that poker players usually learn is to be more aggressive, so you'll find a lot of players who bet before the flop almost as a General rule. Once you've identified these players, you should use them with re-issues, even if your cards aren't the best you can have.
You should know that it is important to take advantage of this move as if you do not lose any possible profits. The biggest risk for beginners is not knowing how to play after the flop if the opponent sees a re-raise.
If you see this growth on the preflop, don't let the hand get the better of you by making long bets and continuing to the end with extra bets if it's not worth it. In the beginning, it is recommended to bet only three times with very good hands or with hands that are not so good but that have a lot of room for improvement on the flop.
Tip: select the hands with which you can perform this movement well, it will greatly facilitate the game on the postflop.
Avoid conflicting poker combinations such as aces with weak cards or two pieces that will help you make a decision later because they will be able to avoid that you can improve your hand but it can still be dominated by your rivals.
3-bets hands
You should not think that when you learn to raise the rate three times, you should do it whenever the opportunity arises. Going back to the half-lantern concept, you should opt for this hand movement, which will probably be the best move after the flop or in back streets.
Weak pairs are very good at triggering a bet three times as they have value and also hopefully on the flop they can improve their positions and become "nuts" (the best game at the table). Similarly, we should see the color designs of the double staircase, both low and medium.
And, as we said before, if your opponent takes your raise and you don't improve your hand on the flop, don't keep investing your money with a possible losing hand.